Flu Jab Clinics running on Saturdays 30th September and 21st October 2017


We are now booking eligible patients into the  Saturday Morning Clinics running on

September 30th and October 21st

We don’t know what this coming winter will bring in the way of NHS pressure. The flu jab is the single most useful health intervention that can protect elderly and vulnerable people from needing emergency hospital care for respiratory illnesses.

We are doing two Saturday morning clinics as in past years, on September 30th and October 21st. You are entitled to a free flu jab on the NHS if you are:

  • Over 65 years old
  • Pregnant
  • Adults with an underlying health condition
  • Adults with weakened immune systems


If you wish to have one because you are a carer for an elderly or seriously unwell person, it is considered appropriate if you live with that person, or if there is no other person who can undertake that caring role. The guidelines for children have yet to be confirmed and will be put into next month’s magazine.

Please book through our reception. Short-sleeved garments are a help for speed! You might be interested to know that we do about 300 or 400 jabs on each half day. Thank-you in advance to all our heroic community helpers who bring patients down to the surgery.

The pneumonia immunisation is also recommended for most patients in the same groups. This immunisation has been available for many years, so we have a lot of experience with its use but it has only recently been offered routinely. It is not given every year, but only once. If you have it at another time (not in the flu clinic), then this helps streamline our Saturday mornings. Please ask our nurses.

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