CQC update

As a lot of you know we recently had a CQC visit at the surgery , it involved , meetings with the Practice manager , one of the GPs and an on-site visit  and some remote conversations with some members of the Patient group . We should receive a report from these inspections that details all of their observations during the time they were in practice, from the conversations they had with various people and taking into consideration the extensive list of paperwork they requested.

Unfortunately the CQC have created a new Framework for these visits, which also involves with them having a new CQC IT System . However, this computer programme has run into issues and cannot currently produce the reports and so a pause has been placed on giving us the report

And they are unable to confirm when we may receive the report. They did share some feedback on the day and said that we were one of the nicest places they had visited and staff always seem to be happy and smiling , so that’s positive. They also asked us to look and potentially alter a number of things , which included adding in a bell by front door to ask for help  for anyone struggling to enter the premises ( this has been done) , they asked us to provide a couple of updated health and safety reports which have been done and we are awaiting feedback from  the companies.

We will share the full outcomes as soon as we have them.

We appreciate your patience, it’s frustrating for all involved!


Cradley Team