Goodbye, Dr Dye!

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Life moves on for all of us but Cradley Surgery survives. Not only survives, but has been voted the best in Herefordshire for 2 years’ in a row now. Dr Patsy has decided to retire on this note and points out that our success is not hers, but because of the happy and tight little team that are here to help our community.

All institutions need a repeated injection of new, young enthusiastic energy and we can ensure you that a smooth transition is already planned to
follow on from what Dr Webster started in the 1930s, nearly 100 years’ ago. Dr Spruce (from now on known as ‘the old hand’) remains for continuity.

Dr Patsy has worked hard to ensure the future of Cradley surgery and would just like to remind everyone:

“I know life is incredibly busy and convenience is uppermost in all our minds, but one of the most important reasons that Cradley can do what it does well, is because of the income generated by the work in our dispensary. More income means more staff and more services. When you use an online delivery service or get your medication from elsewhere (under NHS rules this doesn’t apply to patients who live within a mile of a chemist), this income is lost. If there is any way we can assist you, please discuss this with our dispensary.”

Dr Patsy would like to personally thank all the lovely patients for their nice words, tolerance, jokes, teasing, cheekiness and fantastic gratitude in the face of health scares, fear, anxiety, frustrations and uncertainty. We are all navigating a changing health world which is becoming ever more complex.

“Cheers for science, medicine, progress and reason.”

Please check out our latest newsletter to see all the lovely words staff and patients have written about Dr Dye.

From all the staff and patients at Cradley Surgery, THANK YOU DR PATSY!

A message from Dr Spruce:

“Many of you will already be aware that Dr Dye has announced her intention to retire at the end of November 2022. This is sad news to us all, although we must concede she has certainly earned the chance of a rest after all her dedicated years of hard work and commitment to Cradley Surgery and the local community. Her experience and clinical knowledge have been an invaluable asset to the surgery. I will certainly miss being able to nip across the hallway to pick her brains about difficult clinical conundrums. She also has a marvelous sense of fun that I can assure her will be missed to an equal extent!
The last few years have seen particularly challenging times in General Practice, and I have found Dr Dye’s continued determination, stamina, and perseverance truly remarkable. Morale can be fragile in times like these, yet Dr Dye has somehow maintained a smile and sense of calm throughout, much to the benefit of those around her, myself included. She has built a wonderful team and a successful practice here at Cradley and we are extremely fortunate to have had her here for so long. She has been an excellent colleague and personal mentor to me, and I would like to offer her a very heartfelt thanks for all her support, kindness and generosity over the years. Thank you.”
Dr Spruce, GP.

Welcome Dr Peter Clegg!

As we say a fond farewell to Dr Dye, we would also like to welcome our new doctor, Doctor Peter Clegg.

Some of you may recognise Dr Clegg, who has been at the surgery many times doing Locum work. Doctor Clegg will join Doctor Spruce at the Cradley team.

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