Appointment Information

Please could we ask all patients if you require an urgent, on the day appointment, to try and ring the surgery between 8-10 am, when possible. If you ring later in the day we cannot guarantee you will receive same day care and may advise you to contact 111.

We offer URGENT on the day appointments with the designated Duty Doctor. An Urgent appointment, is something that needs medical attention because…

1) It has arisen in the past 3-5 days and is causing significant ill health for treatment now

2) It is something longstanding that has become significantly worse and needs treatment now.

Please try and avoid Mondays if you can.

We also offer routine appointments, these are more suitable for ongoing issues.

On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays we are introducing later GP appointments to try and accommodate patients who struggle to get to us in the day time. These are routine, (face to face or telephone) appointments which will be at 17:20 pm and are pre- bookable only. If you’d like one of these appointments please ring and ask a member of our reception team. Again, please note that these are routine appointments, not urgent.

Every Friday, we have a Locum female doctor available for both face to face and telephone appointments. If you’d prefer to see a female GP for an appointment, please specify this to a member of the reception team when booking.

Since December 2022, we have introduced a new appointment booking system.

If you call with an urgent, on the day, request to see or speak with a GP, your request with will be triaged to the Duty Doctor. A member of the reception team will take as much information as you can provide, send this across to the Duty Doctor and the Duty Doctor will decide what the best action to take is. This may be that the GP phones you on the same day, invites you to the surgery for a face to face appointment that day, advises you book in with another suitable clinician or offers you an appointment another day, if the GP feels it is appropriate to do so.

The receptionists are unable to offer you an appointment time for urgent appointments unless the GP has provided this information. Please be assured your message will be passed onto the doctor and reviewed as quickly as possible.