Warmth on prescriptions

Guidance for supporting patients with respiratory conditions living in a cold home.

Funding has been allocated to a number of initiatives through the Household Support Fund to support household’s that are most in need.

One of these initiatives, is ‘Warmth on Prescription’ which aims to assist households with patients with long term respiratory conditions who are experiencing financial difficulties and living in cold homes. The objective is to work collaboratively with health partners to identify vulnerable patients that are struggling with energy costs. Individuals with respiratory conditions tend to be at greater risk of poor health and more vulnerable to the colder weather. These individuals therefore typically need to spend more on their fuel bills in order to keep warm over the winter months and if they are not able to their health conditions can be exacerbated.

Individuals can receive up to £330 in energy support payments, an energy support pack as well as advice on how to reduce energy bills. Each pack will be tailored to the customer, depending on requirement and will be made up of a small electric throw, LED lightbulbs, Radiator reflector panels and draught proofing tape.

Individuals in need, will be identified by health professionals, who would need to complete a simple referral form – the link to the form is contained in the guidance. This will ensure those patients that are most in need are in receipt of the funding.  

Referrals can be made by health professionals, for example, GP’s, district nurses, OT’s, Health Visitors, Midwives, Respiratory leads and Advanced Clinical Practitioners.

Please complete send in a request via or online consultation tool or ask you can speak to Amy, our social prescriber for more information, on the scheme.