A few FAQ.

I am a carer but I am under 75 can I have it? – No sorry

I am under 75 and live with a immunosuppressed person who is on your list, can I have it? – No sorry

Are you doing clinics later in the month, I can’t come those two days? – No sorry , you will need to source through a national centre/ pharmacy. We don’t know when or where they are please check national press or online or call 119

My partner is housebound, can I have it when they do his? – Yes , if you are over 75 or considered immunosuppressed in your own right. No if you are not

I am under 75 but housebound , can I have it? – No sorry, housebound is not part of the criteria , unless you are on the severely immunosuppressed list.

Taurus are doing housebound patients again this year. Where appropriate they will also vaccinate the carer but they do need to fit the criteria above.

The guidelines are strict this year and we have to adhere by them.

For more information please call 119 or visit the NHS website. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine – NHS (