There is an issue nationwide affecting IT systems and GP surgeries clinical systems.

We are very limited as to what data we can access and are urging you to please only contact us today for urgent issues.

We are having to handwrite our consultations and can’t access most patient data/ details.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our blood test appointments for today as the labs we send them off to, can’t process them.

We have a list of patients we’ve had to re-book and when we’re back up and running we will contact all those patients and get them rebooked in.

Our card machine is not working, please bring cash if you are coming to our dispensary or paying an invoice. This has also impacted our dispensary who are limited as to what they can do (if medications aren’t already on the shelf)

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we’re just as frustrated as you and hope they can sort the situation ASAP!

Microsoft IT Outage: Full list of affected services including GP surgeries, airports and trains – Chronicle Live

GP Patients’ Most Common Questions

HGP – Our answers to patients’ most common questions on Vimeo

Herefordshire General Practice has released a new video that tries to answer the most common
questions and concerns that patients raise with their GP Receptionists.
These are:
➢ Why do receptionists decide who I can and can’t see?
➢ I want to see someone face-to-face – how is it right that I can’t get an appointment for
➢ Why do you keep taking on more patients when you can’t manage the ones that you have
➢ What’s wrong with me commenting about my GP practice on social media if I have a point
to make?

CQC update

As a lot of you know we recently had a CQC visit at the surgery , it involved , meetings with the Practice manager , one of the GPs and an on-site visit  and some remote conversations with some members of the Patient group . We should receive a report from these inspections that details all of their observations during the time they were in practice, from the conversations they had with various people and taking into consideration the extensive list of paperwork they requested.

Unfortunately the CQC have created a new Framework for these visits, which also involves with them having a new CQC IT System . However, this computer programme has run into issues and cannot currently produce the reports and so a pause has been placed on giving us the report

And they are unable to confirm when we may receive the report. They did share some feedback on the day and said that we were one of the nicest places they had visited and staff always seem to be happy and smiling , so that’s positive. They also asked us to look and potentially alter a number of things , which included adding in a bell by front door to ask for help  for anyone struggling to enter the premises ( this has been done) , they asked us to provide a couple of updated health and safety reports which have been done and we are awaiting feedback from  the companies.

We will share the full outcomes as soon as we have them.

We appreciate your patience, it’s frustrating for all involved!


Cradley Team

Cradley Community Day 22nd June 2024

Letter from Herefordshire council thanking all for their input last Saturday, sounds like a great day was had by all

Dear all,

I hope you and yours have all had a wonderful weekend.

I wanted to share some good news with you about a piece of partnership working that has yielded some wonderful results!  

I’ve been working closely with Amy Roberts, the Senior Social Prescriber from Cradley and Nunwell Surgeries to understand the needs of the community at The Leys and Buryfields estates in Cradley. The area scores quite highly on the index of multiple deprivation, and we have anecdotal evidence of unmet needs in the area from our colleagues in health and some joint work we’ve undertaken with Platform Housing, a SHA that owns most of the properties on the estates.  

Amy, Nicholas Richardson, the Community Engagement Lead from Platform Housing and I met with local residents a few months ago to discuss how we might go about improving engagement in the area, understand local needs, and bring the community together to build a foundation for working with them in the longer term to address some of the health inequalities there. After a great suggestion from Jo Jones, our Talk Wellbeing Healthy Lifestyles Trainer, a pilot community event was decided on.

It has taken all involved a few months of hard planning to get things organised, and more than one or two disasters (!), but on Saturday we held Cradley Community Barbecue and it was a great success.

Amy Roberts has worked incredibly hard – well beyond her remit – and has done everything from baking cakes, arranging leaflet drops and even securing a Residents’ Bake Off competition prize from the two GPs at Cradley surgery personally. Despite being incredibly busy and taking great care of patients, she’s been so generous with her time and expertise and I can’t thank her enough.

Platform Housing have also been wonderful and covered all of the funding and staff for the free barbecue and refreshments, Nicholas even went as far as completing a food hygiene course to ensure residents were safely fed, and after he had to drop out of the event with a medical issue, his manager Chris Pinson-Bradley and some of his team stepped in and saved the day! Chris picked everything up at short notice and did all he could to ensure the event went ahead. He spent the whole of the event at the barbecue and kept everyone fed and happy, as well as chatting to residents and listening to their concerns. It wouldn’t have been the wonderful day it was without them.

We were supported on the day by our brilliant partner services, who gave up their Saturday to offer help and advice to local residents, at a time when so many organisations are under much pressure, have limited resources and are facing difficult times. We are so fortunate in Herefordshire to have such responsive and committed community organisations and services, and it’s a privilege to work with them.

We were joined by Sue from Age UK WMHHL (and Badminton Champion!), Ken Stone from Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Sarah from the Community Prevention Team with Herefordshire and Worcestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Lyn Johnson, the Community Engagement Officer from West Mercia Police, Martin Honey and a lovely clinician from Talk Wellbeing (who completed 7 health checks in 2 hours, amazing!), Charlie and Jo from the Talk Community Healthy Lifestyles Team, Housing Officers from Platform, Amy and Mark from the Wellbeing Team at Cradley Surgery (plus a bonus visit from Lauren Keen, who took our snaps and my  lovely PowerPoint attached), Cradley parish council, my marvellous colleague Kelcea Turner from the Talk Community Broker Team and local resident Mr T  who did everything from fetching toilet paper to making tea and connecting residents to services.  

There was a great turn out of residents, including 95 year old lady  who looked after her 9 siblings in central Birmingham during the second world war, and now does all her own grocery shopping online with Ocado, and the feedback was wonderful. We carried out surveys on the day and have lots of information to collate and understand, and we’ll then be working together a bit more (sorry Amy!) to start planning how we can work together to address the community’s unmet needs and help them to feel safe, happy and healthy where they live.

My genuine and heartfelt thanks to everyone who made Saturday the brilliant day that it was. You’re amazing and I love working with you!

Kindest regards,


Surgery Paint Day

A HUGE thank you to our PPG, (Patient Participation Group), who gave up their Saturday to help Dr Spruce, Dr Clegg and Kirsten paint the Surgery!

It has completely transformed the Surgery, the waiting room in particular now looks modern, fresh and inviting 🙂

We have already had so many compliments from staff and patients.

We couldn’t have done it without you! A special thanks to Lee, Kim, Ann, Cherine, Crispin and Jill for all your hardwork.

June’s spotlight on… the NHS App

The NHS App is a great tool and a convenient way for patients to access many NHS services such as, ordering repeat prescriptions, cancelling appointments, contacting the surgery and checking recent results. Please see below a couple of message about the NHS App for our patients.

A polite reminder to all our patients regarding the NHS App.

Staff at the surgery are not here for technical support, if you are having any issues with the NHS App, there are multiple help guides available online. On the NHS App there is as a help button which is also available.

The Surgery does not control or have access to the NHS App.

If you are struggling or have any questions please visit NHS App help and support – NHS (

You can still contact the practice by phone or in person, this is just another option which many patients have found more convenient and saves them time.

Please also note, in certain circumstances, (and in very few cases) it may be that information will not be visible to you via the NHS App, this could be for many reasons and is often due to technical issues when different software cannot “talk” to each other safely, in such cases the doctors wish to review all of this information first before it’s released.

Thank you.

NHS App and viewing documents

An update for our patients who use the NHS App

In certain circumstances, (and in very few cases) it may be that certain information will not be visible to you via the NHS App.

There have been some issues with patient’s having visibility to documents in the NHS App, where the document contains sensitive information and the GPs would have normally chosen to restrict access to that particular document.

The decision has been made to remove all documents from being visible in the app as a temporary measure until this issue can be fixed

You can of course, request copies of documents through us.

Publication of the infected blood inquiry final report letter

Please see below the Publication of the infected blood inquiry final report letter from NHS England

Publication of blood inquiry report

A message to all pregnant patients!

Nurse Jennifer would like to remind any patients who are pregnant that it is important to call the surgery (01886 880 207) and book themselves in for Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine between 16 to 32 weeks in pregnancy. The aim is to protect infants by boosting immunity in pregnant women.

Thank you!